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International Day Of Families

Every 15th day of May is the World  International Day of Families.

The aim of this day is to spread awareness about the benefits of the family systems. International Family Day is celebrated on 15th May every year since 1994.

The theme for this year is “Families and New Technology”

This year, the United Nations (UN) has projected this theme to stress the importance of our families and how they mean to us especially in the context of new technologies and pandemic Covid-19. A family has a worth of foundation-pillar in the development of society as social laws and norms are the anticipated form of family bonding and strength.

UN through this theme has attempted to re-visualize the seized development of families, lacking which has dispersed our society apart. It is a family that can repatriate our sorrows and soothes our pain and does not allow us to sit back in the time of trial. Family is a source to overcome social and individual fears, a family is the part and parcel of our joys and distress; family helps us come out of economic burdens as every member of the family suffers during poverty and economical failures since the family system is the most essential element of social solidarity and a serene society.

As far as this pandemic has brought disaster to our socioeconomic system, it has also made us think about the value of family lost in the hustle of modernization. It has brought us back the worth of the walled- chamber where its identity was defaced. Although the 20th century has brought many biological and social developments for us yet in its flow, our moralities, our individual presence and our affection have been drowned and faced an eternal death. When the whole world was bound to a social distancing and we all are now in a state of isolation, a family hasn’t been kept away from us. Our blood relations are providing us relief, they have even embraced us when the world where we always struggled spared us. Hence this pandemic is although a disaster for many of us as it is continuously snatching our dear ones from us yet proved a blessing in disguise to make us revalue our stances for ourselves before it is too late.


Extracted from:(internationaleventday.com)

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