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The dictionary defines “Emulate” as a situation whereby a person is copying someone else or trying something as good as the other person has done while to “Educate” is to give intellectual, moral and social instruction to someone.

Looking at the definitions above, we see that both words are related in one way or the other knowing fully well that a child can be educated positively or negatively as well as can emulate positive or negative characters.

An average adult knows what is right and what is not, but whether they are doing it is another thing even though they try to instill it in children.

The question is, Why do we ask children to do what is right while we do otherwise?

📌Most of us would say to children;
👉🏼 Brush your teeth twice a day
👉🏼Go lay your bed
👉🏼 Clear the table after eating
👉🏼 Say Thank you
👉🏼Say Please etc

And we never do any of such.

Truth is, for us to show the way to our children we must know the way ourselves and must as a matter of fact walk in it.

If we don’t know the way, how can we show the way?

How can we train our children to live right if we don’t live right.

How can we teach them to pray if we don’t pray.

How can we teach them morals if we lack morals ourselves.

How can we ask them to be polite if we are rude at every opportunity.

How can we teach them God’s Word if we don’t know God’s Word.

How will our children learn to trust God in all things if we do not model that trust for them in our own lives.

Our children can go only where we, their parents, take them to.

So, our first job as parents is to study and know for ourselves the way to go as well as walk in it, then it will be easy to train up our children in such ways.

Have a fantastic and productive week!

We care about you.


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