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Ankara Top Day

As part of the activities to mark the last day in school before the mid-term break, pupils came decked in their ‘Ankara’ tops to celebrate Ankara Top Day in M.D School.

Our country, Nigeria is a very diverse country with over 200 ethnic groups, over 500 languages and over 1,000 dialects. In line with our goal of building a total child with local knowledge and a global footprint, we embarked on Ankara Top day to celebrate this diversity that makes us interesting, strong, beautiful, and outstanding people.

It gave us an opportunity to dive into one Nigerian culture this term. Pupils across various year levels learnt about the Yoruba culture;

  • The origin,
  • The language and its various dialects,
  • Food,
  • Traditional dance,
  • Instruments and so on.

We are sure this day and the knowledge gained will not be easily forgotten.

We are also glad to see the children take a short but well-deserved break.

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