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Head girl, 2019/2020 New Oko-oba

Welcome speech of the 30th graduation ceremony of M.D school.

Good afternoon the Executive Director, the Management, our dear teachers, non-academic staff, our parents, unique fellow pupils, ladies and gentlemen.

My name is Ololade Phillip-Owoeye, the Head Girl of our great school, MD Nursery and Primary school, New Oko-Oba of the 2019/2020 Academic session.

Words are not enough to express my excitement while putting this speech together, but I thank God for bringing each and every one this far.

On behalf of myself and all graduating students, I would like to welcome you to the 30th graduation ceremony.

Just like M.D school is uniquely different, this year has indeed been a unique year. As much as we made some plans from last year, no one ever thought we will be hit by the new normal.

Year 2020, has been challenging, wisdom filled and a world changing year we had never expected. Who would have ever thought we would communicate from our various homes at the same time write our final exam through the same method?

How can I ever forget our executive director’s words of wisdom? “school grandma”, as we fondly call her, has impacted so much in our lives, of which I am sure we all agree.

We are young and vibrant, the future generation of our great country Nigeria, and I believe we have made our individuals plans to achieve a brighter, fulfilling future.

I salute this very unique set; this is because we were able to absorb this great norm and move on.

It is never a time to be sad about the change, but to thank the almighty God that we are all alive, still together, united forever, despite the global pandemic.

The future is bright for those who grabs it, who are hardworking, confident, religious and believes in themselves. We the graduating students have come this, and so I believe our future will be great.

It is awesome to feel hopeful on a special day like this, thinking we might not face some blocks, but, let us assure ourselves that when life throws lemon at us, we look at the brighter side and make lemonade with a difference.

On this note, I will like my fellow graduating pupils to see this day as a special one. To be grateful, thankful and happy cause indeed we are ready to take the next stage.

Giving the privilege to talk on behalf of the graduating students today, we would never have come this far without our support systems, and so we say a BIG THANK YOU to all our teachers from inception to graduating class, the Management and staff of our great MD School, and most especially our blessed parents.

As much as we are all excited, I hate to say goodbye to MD school, but, it is never a goodbye, but I will part with the words to say “see you all at the top”.

Once again congratulations class of 2020.

We cherish the moments and memories, and we say:

God bless MD school

God bless our Parents


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