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Good day everyone, my name is Oreoluwa Olakorode and I am privileged to be the head girl of this unique school for 2019/2020 Academic session.

Graduation is a time of unity for each and everyone of us to come together and give ourselves pat on the back, cherishing the good memories and lessons we have been part of and enjoyed over the last eight years for those of us that started from pre-school or less for those that joined as we made progress to various class level.

We would never have reached our potential to this date without an enormous support system behind us all, from the school staff to friends but most importantly our parents. Therefore, I urge you to continue to support us in every way possible, even if we fail, because if we don’t how will we ever learn!

This paragraph is dedicated to all our amazing teachers. Our hearts are heavy because we are going to miss our agile, devoted, hardworking, indefatigable and kind-hearted teachers who have worked hard to bring out the best in us. They constantly encourage us to be the best in what we do, develop our creativity skills as well as discovery of hidden treasures inside of each and everyone of us. I’m extremely lucky to say that we have been blessed with committed teachers here in M.D school, who will go to extreme end for learners to succeed. It’s quite rare to find teachers whose only wish is to help learners’ progress. They have been real friends, mentors and guardians. Our stay with you in M.D school is indeed memorable. Therefore, with multiple gratitude. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I humbly apologise for all the pains and trouble we might have caused you.

To our flexible learners we are leaving behind, on behalf of graduating pupils, I use this rare privilege to encourage you to follow the slogan of the school “uniquely different”. Be unique in all you do, upload the good name of the school. Remember the core value of M.D school. Fear God in all you do, develop your character so that you are a person of integrity, passion, vision and diligence are life must sure paths to success. Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better so allow your best to speak for you. Most importantly spread Love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.

To our Grandmother, Mrs Adedugbe, words will not be enough to express how grateful we are. We are blessed to be part of this great family. Our grandmother will go to the extreme end to ensure we are comfortable and acquire knowledge of global level. She did not allow covid-19 Pandemic outbreak to obstruct our learning as she came up with a better plan to continue our learning activities in a fun and educating medium.

We would carry with us the good value you have instilled in us and make positive changes wherever we find ourselves.

Long live our dear Proprietress.

Long live M.D school.

Long live Lagos State.

Long live Nigeria.


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