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Headboy, 2019/2020 New Oko-oba

The Book of Hebrews 12: 26 – 29 Says;

26 At that time his voice shook the earth, but now he has promised, “Once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens.”

 27 the words “once more” indicate the removing of what can be shaken—that is, created things—so that what cannot be shaken may remain.

28 Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, 

29 for our “God is a consuming fire.”

On this wonderful afternoon I will be presenting My Commencement Speech which is titled ‘A NEW WORLD’

Firstly, I give glory to the almighty God for today. Isn’t He Almighty? The one that made today to be, the one that commands and no one can question? He is the omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscience GOD. He changes the season the way he likes. May be I should ask, who can precisely say the season that we are now? That is the power of the Almighty!

Arugboojo, Atofarati, the All sufficient GOD, God of all possibilities, he makes the existence of today possible.

Great MD School! How much can I appreciate my unique school? I sincerely appreciate our Grandmother, Mummy Adedugbe, for the vision of MD School, for providing this great opportunity for learning. Truly, we are uniquely different. I must say we have been given a solid stepping stone in all aspects, morally, spiritually, academically, just name it. We are assured, the future is glorious. Thank you and God bless you richly ma.

I thank all the members of staff from A-Z for bringing us thus far. Imagine someone like me just like some of us too that started MD school at age 2? Truly, a lot of work must have been put together to see the result you are seeing today. Thank you sir and Thank you ma.

To our amazing parents, for your unending provisions, love and resources, I say a very big thank you. You shall gracefully eat the fruit of your labour.

To the great MD pupils, I tell you we are amazing generation. I love you All. Thank you.

Year 2020 is a very special year and by that I must say we are really a special set .if you permit me, I will call our set that is graduating today “A PECULIAR SET” having learnt and graduated even amidst the pandemic of Corona Virus. The last global pandemic was about 100 years ago, the Swine Flu. Aren’t we amazing?

Every cloud has a silver lining. Mark my word! Every cloud has a silver lining! COVID 19 came about a week to our 2nd term examination and this caused a major change in learning but I tell you CHANGE is the only constant thing .Now, we live in the new normal. Like I said earlier, every cloud has a silver lining, what has COVID 19 taught us?

  1. Change is constant
  2. Change threatens. I am sure a lot of us were initially threatened by the change in the teaching styles especially with technology
  3. Change if well managed brings out the best in you.  Some of us have acquired new skills now as a result of COVID. A lot are now Computer literate as opposed before and so many other skills even our parents
  4. Change brings out innovation- at this point, I will like everyone to give a standing ovation to MD School for the outstanding innovation put together in our online learning. That is the best you could get around, trust me. Standing ovation please.

Thank you

How do we cope with change?

  1. We need to loosen to enable change. Obviously, the learning styles might not be the same for a while.
  2. We need to confront change irrespective, we must always stand tall, undefeated by change.

What are the lessons in this year?

Number One: Being alive today is a chance and privilege. Have you done anything special to be alive today? So, cherish each day you live and make best use of it!

Listen to me, According to Johns Hopkins University as of the 9th of September, the global total confirmed cases of Covid – 19 were 27, 766, 320 with 902, 966 deaths and 18, 703, 758 recovered cases. In the continent of Africa, there is 1, 328, 263 confirmed cases with 31, 962 deaths. In our country Nigeria, the virus has affected the 36 states of the federation including the FCT. According to updates from the NCDC as of last week Wednesday, the number of confirmed cases is 55, 456 with 1, 067 deaths. Why is this report so important to us? Off the global confirmed cases, and deaths, non-of our parents were either affected or involved.

Will somebody shout Halleluyah!!! We are indeed alive by HIS grace.

Number 2: Impact on human lives; a recent statistics by experts showed that children are the ones who are most negatively affected by Covid-19 especially in African and developing countries. The reasons are not farfetched as many of our mates lack access to food and quality life.

We are grateful for God’s provision for our parents and for the opportunity to continue our studies online as offered by our dynamic M.D School -Uniquely Different.

The first quarter of the year 2020 saw a brutal collapse in equity, which saw the slump in crude oil prices for about 60%. The second quarter introduced the global pandemic with unemployment reaching half century lows. The following quarter saw the devaluation of poor countries currency against The United States Dollar. Nigerian Naira now exchanges about #420 for one United States Dollar. Nigeria is sliding into recession, a forecast of 5.2% contraction in GDP in 2020 have been made by experts.

But permit me to tell you, in all of these, we are here, our parents could still afford to feed us, and clothe us beautifully, and our tomorrow is secured in the strength and power of our Lord Jesus. Our GOD, my GOD has made it possible. He promised our daily bread, a hope and a future.

Somebody shout Halleluyah. Halleluyah

Now, let us define and measure what success is;

What is Success?

Success is knowing your purpose in life.

So what is your purpose in life?

Success is growing to reach maximum potential.

Success is sowing seed that benefit others.

What kind of seed are you sowing?

Success is setting the right goal.

What is your goal?

And thankfully, success is a journey and not a destination.

My mum says this all the time -“THE REWARD FOR HARD WORK IS MORE WORK’.  The road to success is always under construction. Let us strive to be the best always.

At this point, it is becoming emotional for me and I just have to stop here. I appreciate the opportunity and privilege to serve in MD School as the Head Boy. Thank you All for supporting me.

Thank you so much Grandma, Thank you so much my amazing teachers, the care givers, all the support staff, my friends, oh! I love you All. The experience will remain evergreen.

            To my loving parents Mr. and Mrs. Babalola, I thank both of you for being the best parents. Mommy, I love you, Daddy you re too much. My Dad always has great belief in me and encourages me always to be the best everywhere and every time. God bless you Daddy and Mummy. My brothers, Opemipo and Oluwasemilore, you are the best siblings one could have in the world. I will miss our daily ride to and fro school together. I love you guys but don’t worry, I will always check on you as an Alumnus of our great school. I am sure M.D School will continue to mould you to be the best.

In conclusion, remember I said we are the PECULIAR SET. Wherever we find ourselves, let us always remember, this peculiar set is uniquely poised for success unlike any before. We were born to do great things and by God’s grace, there are no limits to what we can achieve.

See you at the top.

Thank you All.

I am Praise Babalola

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