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Headboy 2019/2020;Agidingbi

What a great day to be alive! I am honored to welcome all parents, teachers, distinguished guests, and M.D School Class Of 2019. Just a few short months ago, we could not have dreamt of COVID-19 and the dramatic impact it would have on us as we all know it now. We lost so many school interesting activities during this period. These losses are trivial in comparison to the devastating realities of this global pandemic, but for our small group of graduands, it is hard to deal with. It has made learn so much about resilience, innovation and the true sense of community we have at M.D school.     

Some years back, by the leading of God, my parents enrolled me into this great school. I was two years old and now I have clocked 10! It is not about the age, but more about the learning and transformation in character, morals, determination to achieve my goals and the path to good leadership to mention a few. No doubt, I am leaving this school a better person.

Being a pupil in M.D school, I can assure you, it is the best school any parent can enroll their child (ren) or ward. The school has impacted us in Quality Education, The Fear of God, Integrity, Diligence, Love and Excellence.

I want to specially thank our dear proprietress Mrs. Omolara Adedugbe (The Executive Director) who is responsible for providing leadership and direction to this great citadel of learning and for her good vision and focus. My gratitude also goes to Mrs. Olusola Akaiso (The Head of School) and my dynamic teachers for their diligence, members of student governing council for their co-operation and all my M.D friends for being loyal. My heartfelt thanks goes to the Student Council 2019/2020 Session, it was great serving with you.

I believe that one of the ways of appreciating the good virtues the school has imbibed in us is to keep making a difference wherever we find ourselves. I would like to use this opportunity to encourage parents to enroll their children in this great school just like my parent did. Right now I feel absolutely ready for the next phase in my educational journey.

It has been an honour to serve as the Head Boy of this Unique School. To my fellow graduands of M.D School, be a proud ambassador of M.D School wherever you find yourself. Always uphold our core values which are antidotes for greatness. I hope to celebrate all your successes and victories with you soon.

On behalf of my fellow graduating pupils, I thank all the parents for giving us the opportunity to attend this great school. Thank you for sacrificing your time, energy and resources for your children. Lastly, with all my heart, I would like to thank my parents for paving the right pathway for me to walk on, to lead me to an extraordinary school where my great journey of self-discovery and self-development began. 

Once again, I thank M.D school for all it has done for us; I pray M.D school remains the first, the best and the leading school in Nigeria.

Great M.D School, I will represent you anywhere I go in life because you deserve it.

Long live M.D School


My name is Nifemi Ayibiowu

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