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Corona virus and schools

Dear Parents,


 In compliance with the directive of the Lagos State Government and State Ministry of Education on the global spread of the COVID-19 virus and the increased number of incidences in Nigeria, Lagos in particular, it has become imperative for us to adjust our timelines for the term. Safety of all members of the M.D School family comes first.

As stated in yesterday’s electronic memo, our school closes for 2nd Term by 12noon today Friday 20th March 2020. The scheme of work for the term has been completed and we had dedicated this week to prepare for examinations next week. However, we will not be able to proceed with 2nd term examinations based on the foregoing.


The children in kindergarten will be given study packs and/or worksheets to support their learning. Any additional resources will be sent on the assignment module of the Students Portal.

The children in elementary are coming home with a timetable and some books for the period of continuous learning. Pupils will be sent challenge objective Computer Based Tests (CBT) and corrections uploaded on the assignment module. These tests may be timebound (for upper elementary) but will not be used for examination or grading. Our teachers will monitor results of the CBT per child and provide feedback as necessary.

We have mapped out daily assignments to cover the last 2 weeks of the term. The children have been taught and most will be able to work with little or no assistance. We advise the children to be allowed to get to work on them each morning during this period. It is imperative that children complete tasks given to them per day as these have been designed in a specific manner to help continuous learning from home.


  • Ensure you can access your registered email with the school for all updates over the period.
  • We are upgrading plans to move more learning on-line for better support over this period and we encourage you to ensure your child has a laptop/notebook (preferably), tablet or smart phone with internet connection to get the full benefit.
  • Any additional resources for daily work will be sent on the assignment module of the Students Portal with a notification to the parent’s registered email.
  • Your children’s teachers and supervisors (for escalations) are available from 9am to 2pm from Monday to Friday during this period to provide all the necessary support so, we encourage you to reach out where necessary.
  • Our communication lines remain open and we will like you to reach out if there is anything, we can do to provide more support.

We will keep you updated on any development.

Please continue to maintain good hygiene, social distancing for unavoidable outings and follow all directives issued by authorised entities throughout this period.

We pray God will heal our world and put an end to the Global pandemic very soon. Amen!



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